About Us

Jerusalem Balloons was founded in 2006 and is a leading choice for balloon deliveries in Jerusalem and around Israel. What began in a spare bedroom, now operates from a large studio in Har Nof, Jerusalem. We have delivered over 4500 balloon arrangements to lucky individuals, couples, or families, and each and every one has been met with thrill and delight!

At Jerusalem Balloons, we help you celebrate special moments and milestones, whether you are near or very far away. Balloons have a unique way to express your message – they invoke feelings of youth and happiness –and our designs combine that with beautiful colors and compositions. It is a gift that is exciting and memorable and can help make great distances seem far smaller!

Our current collection has around 150 different arrangements! We offer a next-day delivery service in Jerusalem and other selected cities in Israel. Our talented Balloon Artists precisely hand-craft each arrangement from top-quality materials so that someone special will receive a freshly-made balloon delivery from you.

You may not even know that something like this exists, but there is a worldwide standard in balloon artistry. It is called CBA (certified balloon artist). All our arrangements are designed with these standards that ensure that your balloons look great and are as durable as possible. In addition, Jerusalem Balloons is a member of the Qualatex Balloon Network

Are you making a special event in Israel? Balloon décor will make your event memorable for you and your guests, will make an incredible atmosphere, and create an ambiance that takes your guests into another world….as our hundreds of customers and the dozens of Event Planners we have worked with, can testify!

Jerusalem Balloons is the premier choice for balloon deliveries as gifts in Israel. Join our thousands of satisfied customers by ordering balloons online or calling our studio (Israeli time zone!).

Meet our professional and friendly team, always here to offer you the best!