About Our Balloons

Can I change the colors of a design?

We have created designs using many different colors and finishes that complement the arrangements. If you would like to change a color or colors within the design you can request by phone, email or even on your order under ‘extra delivery information’ at the checkout. Please bear in mind that not all specialty balloons are manufactured in all shades so your request may not always be possible or we may tweak the design slightly to accommodate your chosen color combination/scheme. It will still look great though! If you are not sure if your chosen colors will go well together, you may want to stick with the default design – it has been tried and tested, with amazing results!

Can I order a custom-made design?

Please call us to discuss your needs for a custom delivery. We can either change an existing design to your theme or create a new design from scratch. Please be aware that there is a minimum order of 250 shekels for a custom design, plus a custom-design surcharge.

How long will the balloons last?

Our balloons can last anywhere from several days to several weeks! See the video below that explains how even our latex helium balloons last for ages!

How should I care for my balloons?

Balloons which are kept indoors and away from extreme temperatures (including hot light fixtures!) and sharp edges (including hinges on doors!) will last for ages! Whilst the balloons are pretty durable and can take some playing with, this will shorten their life somewhat! We do our very best to make sure you get a top quality product which will out-last your regular balloons! If you are keeping your balloons for an event the next day, keeping them in a large nylon bag with some 'breathing holes' will help retain their shine. (You can ask us for one when you order!)
My Orders

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Once you have completed your order online you should receive a confirmation to the email you registered with. This is a confirmation of payment received and also that your order is due for delivery on the date you have selected at the checkout.

Can I change something on my order?

It is possible to change details on your order like the message on the greeting card, the delivery address, other delivery details, or even the date of delivery. Simply call us during office hours at least one working day before your delivery is due. If you wait to call on the delivery day, it may be too late to make changes without an extra charge, since your design may have already been created and even on a delivery route before the office is open for calls.

When will my order be delivered?

Jerusalem deliveries have 2 slots when they leave our Studio (subject to change), one at approximately 11:30am and the other at approximately 5:30pm. The drivers take them on a route around Jerusalem which can take a couple of hours, so your order can arrive within one of those two time periods, but will also depend on traffic and other factors. If you would specifically like your order delivered in the morning/afternoon slot you can make this request when ordering. However, please understand that a request does not mean guaranteed. Various factors will also affect the slot your delivery has been designated for. To have your balloons delivered at a specific time you can call the office to arrange this (there is a surcharge). (for out of Jerusalem deliveries, please see 'Shipping' section below)

What happens if something pops after I get my balloons?

We take the greatest care of your balloons until they arrive at their destination. Your gift will always make an amazing impact and be delivered in its full glory! By using top quality, professional grade balloons and monitoring the completed arrangement in our studio for a period of time before sending it out, we know that you will be getting the best and ensure that every design reaches you in perfect condition. However, if something on your delivery pops soon after you have received we will be happy to fix it for you. You will need to bring it to our Studio In Har Nof during opening hours. If you arrange timing with us before coming, we can even fix it for you on the spot. Unfortunately, we cannot come to you to fix designs, though. Once the balloons are out of our hands we can not take responsibility for them anymore.
Food Products

What Kosher Certification do your food items have?

Candy Platters are Dayan O Y Westeheim. Nuts and donuts are Badatz Eida Charedis. Mishloach Manot are Dayan O.Y Weistheim and Badats Eida Charedis.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for your online order by credit card on our secure payment gateway (Cardcom). We accept Visa, Visa Electron, and MasterCard. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal. If you would like to pay with American Express, you can either process your order in dollars and pay via PayPal on the website or, email us and we will send you a PayPal request. You dont need a PayPal account to submit payment on PayPal. To pay via bank transfer or cash on collection, please call.

Will you phone to check someone is at home before you deliver? Will it be a surprise?

We do our best to keep your delivery a surprise, unless you have specifically asked us to call beforehand. If we arrive at an address and there is no one home, we will call the number you have provided and assess the best possible place to leave the balloons (please see delivery information for full details). If you would like us to call someone before we deliver to let them know something is coming or to confirm an address, we will do so. However, we will not deliver again or at another specified time unless you specifically request this and pay the extra charge (see delivery information)

How much is delivery?

Delivery in Jerusalem is 40 shekels. Please call us for our price in other cities.

Why can’t I send every design out of Jerusalem?

Air pressure affects the appearance of some balloons. Our Studio is based in Jerusalem, where the high altitude means low air pressure. As we travel out of Jerusalem with the balloons, the quick decent down the mountains to a higher air pressure can dramatically change the appearance and longevity of the balloons. Many of our designs are still suitable for this change though, so look out in the product description for delivery options or call us for more information.

What does available cities mean

Not all balloons travel well out of Jerusalem, big foils can deflate because of the difference in air pressure, that why we specify for each product where it can be sent