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Candy Man

Our gorgeously cute 'Candy Man' tops this yummy candy platter full of choclate coins, toffees and as.....

Flame Popper

Cheery and colorful, flame popper made from balloons from top to toe will delight your children and .....

Chanuka Celebration

Spoil your loved ones this Chanukah with this beautiful, classy design that will add that elegant to.....

Chanukah Mascot

This stunning balloon display makes for a really glamorous gift this Chanukah! The pillar topped wit.....

Hanukkah Gift

  This floor to ceiling Hanukkah balloon gift is sure to be the number one present that your li.....

Menorah Man

Send a representative to your family and friends in Israel! Life-size man made of balloons; Menorah .....

Party Panache

Party Panache says happy Hanukkah in a BIG way. This beautifully balloon decorated pillar is bu.....

Sassy Bunch

Sassy Bunch is a beautifully elegant and festive table-top design. It is triple layered: the bo.....

Sassy Bunch Small

Sassy Bunch Small, shares the same structure as it's big brother, but has less balloons on each laye.....

Starry Menorah

This simple yet beautiful design will add light and glitz to your loved one's chanukah! The shiny go.....

XL Candy Man

Our gorgeously cute 'Candy Man' tops this yummy EXTRA LARGE candy platter full of choclate coin.....